Vegetable Seed Packets: Buyer Guide to Pick the Best Seeds for Sale

Lot of gardeners are used to vegetable seed packets. However, there still seem to be lot of confusion around them specially on various labeling.  Traders take this to their advantage, therefore, large number of growers and gardeners are actually getting ripped off each and every day. So in this article let’s try to take the first step to change that. Here we are going to discuss about what you really need to keep in your mind when buying vegetable seed packets. If you are looking for vegetable seeds for sale online, you will find this article very helpful because we will be sharing few helpful tips and some good products for you to consider.

Vegetable seed packets labels

There’s lot of confusion among gardeners about different labels that seed packets carry and about which product they should pick. These confusions are largely based on misinformation or common gardening myths. Seed companies seem to love these confusions. You see, a confused consumer is always an unwise consumer and many ultimately end up paying several folds more on seeds than their actual worth. However, it’s not sellers fault either. Lot of the people who put vegetable seeds for sale usually deliver what they claim. The problem is whether a gardener actually need what they think they need.

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Organic seeds

Organic seeds simply means that the seeds are made from organically grown plants. You don’t need organic seeds to do organic gardening. Your garden become organic not because of the seeds you plant but because of the organic, sustainable agriculture practices you’ll adopt.

So if you want to buy organic seeds, please go ahead. It’s a matter of your personal preference. You are supporting your seed company to grow organic plants and that’s all.

NON-GMO seeds

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Genes in plants (and all living beings) carry information about their traits. Today, people have come up with sophisticated methods to manipulate and combine DNA to produce species that could never, be able to evolve in nature. For an example, you can combine genes of a bacteria and corn to produce, a special variety of corn that can kill pests who try to attack it (people have actually done this in commercial ).

So if you are looking for places where they put NON-GMO vegetable seeds for sale, just don’t worry! You will never get them in small seeds packets like the ones you are buying. This is because they are too expensive to be sold in small quantities and that kind of a business doesn’t make sense. These are usually produced and directly supplied to large scale growers.

This is why you see most of the vegetable seeds for sale in the market carry the NON-GMO label. So keep in your mind not to pay more for vegetable seed packets that has NON-GMO label.

Heirloom seeds

Heirloom vegetables are old-time varieties that are open pollinated.

In open pollination, seeds are produced from plants that are left for natural pollination processes, like through insects, birds and by wind. So like many natural processes, open pollination give plants with varying qualities. Then the seed breeder will select the best ones in the field. This cycle will continue and when these plants get handed down through multiple generations of plant families, what result is a plant with great characteristics and many beneficial traits. This is how heirloom seeds are produced.

We love heirloom seeds. This is not because they just taste great but also they deliver diverse colors, rich nutrition and extremely rich flavor profiles. What’s more great about them is that they offer all the benefits at much lesser cost than other hybrid varieties. Also, if you use heirloom seeds you can produce your own seeds in the same way for next year and so on.

Hybrid seeds

Hybrid plants are produced through specific cross pollination between two parent plants seeking beneficial traits. To produce hybrid seeds, a seed breeder would force the natural process of pollination to get seeds with desirable effects.

Hybrids have come to the market primarily targeting medium to large scale growers. It’s true to say that most of the hybrid varieties, truly bred focusing on the quantity more than quality. This is not always bad if you are trying to run a business.

Tips in buying seed packets

Buy in packs

If you have small garden and want to try few varieties out, you will be able to save lot of money by buying vegetable seed packs instead of buying individual seed packets. Just don’t worry thinking you are buying seeds that you are not going to plant immediately because you can always keep them 3-4 years at room temperature (without opening the packet).

Buying in packs saves lot of money because you will pay much less for a seed packet than buying them individually. On the other hand you will get exotic varieties that you would not typically find in your local shop. After all, where’s the fun of gardening if you are not trying something new once a while?

Buy Heirloom seeds

If you are gardener or small scale grower, who’s inspired about sustainable agriculture methods, this may be the best option for you. Buying heirloom seeds will give you the opportunity to grow your own seeds for next growing season.

However, if you are looking for quantity rather than quality or have any specific requirements or limitations you can always try hybrid seeds.

Don’t get carried away with the labels

Consider more about vigor, quality, quantity and price of the vegetable seed packets rather than the labels.

Buy online

Now there’s a trend of buying vegetable seed packets online. This is primarily because you can get lot of exotic varieties in online shops at much better prices. On the other hand you’ll not know the quality of the plants before you actually grow them unless you learn it from someone who’ve done that before. This is why product reviews are extremely helpful when buying something like seeds. This is why online products are preferred because there are lot of user reviews that you can refer.

Some good products in the market(Vegetable seeds for sale)

Here is a list of some of the best vegetable seed packet packs out there in the market. We’ve selected them based on overall product quality, value for money, customer feedback and seller credibility. We always do an in-depth search for each of the products we recommend. But you can always click the links to read the user reviews, check the pricing and get more information.

  1. UNTREATED, NON-GMO, Non Hybrid 12 Heirloom Varieties of Vegetable Seed by zziggysgal

These vegetable seed packets include untreated, non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds with an easy to follow 24 page illustrated gardening instruction booklet. The guidebook is really great for a beginner farmer or even to an experienced farmer who would like to try out some new vegetable varieties. These vegetable sees for sale (pack) is also gift ready and come with a kid friendly package. Seed packets contain top quality seeds that are germination tested and guaranteed to produce beautiful, edible veggie garden.

  1. 15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault

This seed packets collection includes 30 Varieties of All Natural Vegetable Seeds: Non hybrid, Non gmo and Heirloom. These vegetable seed packets contain Naturally grown and open pollinated seeds with high germination Rate. Package also include vegetable growing and seed harvesting Guide with seeds tested for maximum germination and yield. These seeds are stored in Air Tight, moisture proof bag for safer, long term storage. We’ve selected these vegetable varieties to provide a well-balanced healthy diet.

  1. 16,500 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 40 Variety Pac by Pure Pollination

This vegetable seed packets contain 40 popular heirloom vegetable varieties that are ideal for a home gardener or for a survival garden. We guarantee our product to be 100% heirloom, naturally produced and non-GMO. All the seeds were grown and packaged in USA. These vegetable seeds for sale were open pollinated with very high germination rate. Product comes in a brand new air tight sealed pack.

  1. 10,000 Seed Lot – 30 Vegetable & Fruit Variety Pack – Survival Non-gmo Varietie Virgin Seeds

These vegetable seed packets contain 100% naturally-pollinated seeds to insure maximum quality and germination rates.  Our vegetable seeds for sale are shipped with an oxygen absorber which removes oxygen from the packing container and enhance the life and vigor of the seeds. We’ve designed our seed packets pouches as compact as possible so you can store plenty of packs in freezer for long term storage like a seed bank. These seeds last around 3-5 years at room temperature. If stored in a cool basement, it will last up to 10 years. If frozen and left frozen, most of the strains will last 30+ years. It is not good to freeze and unfreeze your seeds or allow them to experience temperature fluctuation.

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