Japanese Garden Tools: 6 Japanese Hand Tools/Accessories That Make Gardening Easy

In this article we are going to talk about Japanese garden tools are now very popular in many parts of the world. Here, we will introduce six very useful Japanese hand tools with their advantages for a gardener. Among these Japanese garden accessories, will be Japanese gardening knives and Japanese hoes, two of the most sought after products.

Japanese garden tools

Japanese gardeners, like many other professionals in japan, strived for perfection. They would spend days just readying their tools and even longer time preparing the soil before actually planting something. Their plants are cut, pruned, pinched, babied and nurtured in the best way possible. If you’ve visited to traditional Japanese gardens you would notice that they keep even leafs and flowers in the perfect order. Japanese blacksmiths knew how to exactly cater the stringent requirements of their gardeners. The tools they made are great examples of Japanese ingenuity and are versatile and extremely adaptable for many requirements in the garden. Quickly they spread around the gardening world due to the numerous advantages they offer to a gardener and now are enjoyed by millions of gardeners worldwide.

Japanese Gardening Knife

Hori Hori Knife, is a very versatile Japanese gardening tool. The term “Hori” translates to canal or ditch. Unlike other knives, this Japanese gardening knife has a concaved shape. Concaved side of the knife is typically used for digging. One edge of this gardening knife is sharpened so that you can cut with it. The other blade has serrations to aid cutting through hard wood, roots, etc. Most of the Hori Hori Knives are 12 inches long and around 1.5 inches wide in the blade side.

These Japanese gardening knives are one of those tools that you would want take to your garden every time. It can be used for lot of things like, digging, chopping, weeding, cutting, pruning, measuring, planting and harvesting. This is why it is considered as one of the most versatile tools that you can get your hands on.

A Hori Hori Japanese gardening knife is not just great for gardeners, it can also be an important tool in situations like camping, hiking, metal detecting, mining and as a survival tool. This Japanese garden tool is also a perfect gardening gift because it can be an essential addition in many outdoor situations.

You can read more about these Japanese gardening knives in this article.

Hori Hori Garden Knife from Truly garden is the highest rated Japanese garden knife in Amazon. If you are planning to buy one it’s extremely worthwhile to take a look at this product.

Japanese Hoe

Japanese hoe (commonly known as gamma hoe) is among the most loved Japanese garden tools. Within 5 minutes of using this tool you will realize that this is one serious weed removal tool you can ever lay your hands on. The secret for the success of this awesome Japanese garden tool lies in the heart of its design. First, it’s small and easy to handle and you can always carry it to the garden. Secondly, the hoe blade is designed and fabricated in a very interesting angle that makes the uprooting of weeds a breeze. This is ideal for close quarter weed control and can effectively work around tight corners and wanted plants to clean out unwanted weeds.

This Japanese hoe is also great for loosening up soil and sub-surface scraping in soil beds for bulb planting, removing turf and managing garden edges.

Nejiri Gama Japanese Hoe is one of the best Japanese hoes in the market. It is Strong but lightweight. Remarkably easy to use as a weeder in flower beds. This Japanese hoe has become very popular among farmers and gardeners alike, because of the number of great features in this model including quality hardened steel blade, wood handle and plastic hanging loop.

Weeding Sickle – Nejiri Kama

Weeding sickle or Nejiri Kama in Japanese is another great tool for weeding. This Japanese hand tool is perfectly suited for raised beds, gravel floors, near fences and many other areas that require hands on weeding. The great thing about this Japanese gardening tool is its super sharp blades. These sharp blades, not only takes lot of effort from the job but also let you use this weeding sickle even to cut through woody stems in a single cut.

You can use this tool to severing weeds from their roots just by scraping it across the surface. Due to the design of this Japanese gardening accessory, it sinks about half an inch in to the soil when scraping. This is great because it will cut and uproot weeds preventing it from growing back. It’s also possible to use this as a small digging tool or to loosen the earth around plants or to make sow lines.

Tomita knife-Japanese Steel Grass sickle features a super sharp blade and a twisted shank which supplies much better durability than welded weeding sickles. A must have for any serious gardener.

Short Handle Ho Mi Digger

This is great Korean/Japanese garden tool that has become very popular among many gardeners in the recent years primarily because of the extreme versatility of this product. You can use this Japanese hand tool for digging, weeding and packing dirt around the plants, making sow trenches, breaking up sod and many other challenges your garden may throw at you.

The secret to the versatility of this tool lies in its design. The Ho Mi Digger blade has an interesting angle which make it easy to cut through the soil easily and make it efficient digging tool. Sharp point of the digger goes deeper, quicker and planting can be done so much quicker. Then you just rotate the tool and make it a scraping tool to help even up the dirt. Rotate it bit more and you can get a tool to make furrows.

Short Handle EZ-Digger is a hand forged garden tool with a specially designed 7″ blade and one of the bestselling models in this category.

Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe

This triangle shaped Japanese hoe works so much better than a regular long handled hoe. This is also a versatile tool but primarily designed to perfectly suited for weeding jobs. It has a sharp point and sharpened sides in both blade ends. The sharp blades cut through even woody roots of the weeds preventing it from coming back. This Japanese gardening tool is much more suited for dry and hard soils like clay because the sharp pointy blade is ideal to break even the hardest soil. This tool pulls the weeds up and breaks up the soil at the same time.

If you want to dig deep down, use the pointed end of this Japanese garden accessory on the first swing. If you want to cut the roots of weeds or grass swing it in an angled motion so that sharp edges face the dirt and slice through the root. Then you can simply pull it up.

Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe is made of stainless steel and features Easy grip painted wood handle with metal ring on the end. This is one of the bestselling models in this product category.

Japanese Claw Rake and Cultivator

This unusual looking Japanese gardening tool is great as a mini rake for pulling and spreading soil, woodchips and other debris in the garden. This is a useful tool to have if you have to work in close quarter jobs and especially for getting under open branched shrubs and plants. You will certainly find many other uses for it like mixing compost, loosening up soil, pulling weeds and roots etc.

This strong 5 prong, Japanese garden tool is also perfect for breaking up soil in and around plants for fertilization and for weeding. Prongs are usually made with carbon steel for strengths and durability.

The Asano Japanese Ninja Claw Rake, is one of the most popular models in this category. You can check out the product and read more reviews from the following link.

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