Hand Rake (Garden Tool): Buyer Guide and Top Products in the Market

You will never know what kind of a job your garden will throw at you next time you visit there. Therefore having few versatile tools in your gardening arsenal is not something you are going to regret. Hand rake (or hand fan rake according to some farmers) is a very versatile garden tool to own if you have to work in close quarter garden jobs frequently. So in this article we will try to explore the reasons, why you should consider carrying small hand rake to your garden. We will also discuss about few important aspects you should consider when buying a hand rake garden tool. At the end of the article we are going to list down some of the best garden hand rake models in the market today for you to consider.

Why you need a hand rake

Hand rake is a small version of a garden rake, but can perform jobs that are either difficult or impossible to do with a rake. These tools are typically 6-10 inches long and particularly designed for close quarter gardening jobs. Here are some of the jobs you can do with a garden hand rake

  • Perfect for clear away debris in planting beds and gardens without damaging plants
  • Ideal for getting under the open branched shrubs and plants for gardening jobs
  • Pulling and spreading soil woodchips and other materials on planting beds and gardens
  • Also great for mixing compost and fertilizer with the soil
  • You can use a hand rake garden tool to loosen up soil for aeration prior to sowing
  • Pulling weeds and roots on planting beds and gardens
  • Gardener can use this for collecting prune cut offs, dead leaves and similar requirements without damaging tender growth

In general terms, this is one of those hand tools you use for kind of work you do on your hands and knees.

What to look for in a garden hand rake

If you’ve done enough gardening, you will know that when it comes to gardening tools, quality is the key. You want your tools to last for years and perform the work efficiently without giving you much trouble. This is why picking the right hand rake for your specific requirement matters. Here are some of the things you should consider when looking for a good garden hand rake.


Metal tines constructed with steel is the best option to go for. There are also plastic ones which are usually much cheaper. Steel tools obviously last the longest and suitable for most of garden jobs.

Rake fingers

You will find hand rake garden tools with both flexible and hard metal tines. If you think you have to do lot of weeding and soil work, go for a hand rake with hard prongs. Consider a hand rake garden tool with flexible fingers if you are planning to do lot of cleaning, clearing and mulching tasks.

Some prongs may come with an extra protective coating like powder coating, paint or soil release finish which will be helpful in preventing soil build up and rusting.

Fan width

You may also want to consider on the fan width when you are looking for the perfect garden hand rake for you. Wider fans will help you to clear up an area fast but will be limited in flexibility in planting beds and gardens. Rake fanes that are not too wide will be perfect in collecting smaller debris, weeds, leaves, etc without affecting tender growth.

There are also hand rakes with adjustable fan widths. However, these are not very suitable for heavy duty work like pulling weeds, roots, etc.


Many small hand rakes come with a comfortable grip. This is particularly important because this tool is short and you will not be able to use it properly if you don’t have a better grip. You will not regret purchasing a garden hand rake with comfortable rubber like grip with a good shape.


Good brand always mean something in a market where everybody is looking for quality products. But it’s also important not to get carried away with the brand as well. Always select a good quality tool that matches your requirement.

Consider buying online

When it comes to garden tools, there’s always an element of uncertainty. You will never be able to say whether a tool is good or bad before you actually use it and see. This is why reading reviews is very helpful when buying garden tools. However, this benefit will only be there if you buy online.

On the other hand, you will find a better collection and more offers.

Some of the best hand rake garden tools in the market

Here is a list of some of the best hand rakes out there in the market. We’ve selected them based on overall product quality, value for money, customer feedback and seller credibility. We always do an in-depth search for each of the products we recommend. But you can always click the links to read the user reviews and to check the pricing.

  1. The Asano Japanese Ninja Claw Rake

This unusual looking Japanese gardening tool is great as a mini rake for pulling and spreading soil, woodchips and other debris in the garden. This is a useful tool to have if you have to work in close quarter jobs and especially for getting under open branched shrubs and plants. You will certainly find many other uses for it like mixing compost, loosening up soil, pulling weeds and roots etc.This strong 5 prong, Japanese garden tool is also perfect for breaking up soil in and around plants for fertilization and for weeding. Prongs are usually made with carbon steel for strengths and durability. The Asano Japanese Ninja Claw Rake, is one of the most popular models in this category. You can check out the product and read more reviews from the following link.

Product features

  • Five pronged design
  • Hard metal tines perfect for any rake job
  • Tough Japanese steel with wood handle
  • Japanese traditional design

  1. Bond 9709 EZ Grip Hand Fan Rake

Bond EZ grip hand rake has handle with comfortable grippy material and a good shape. The tines are powder coated for durability and to prevent rusting. This small hand rake is absolutely perfect for clearing debris from underneath bushes and shrubs. It’s also good to clear out stuff that’s in between a plant and the house. It reaches places where a full sized leaf rake could never go. It’s one of those hand tools you use for the kind of work you do on your hands and knees.

Product features

  • Oversized for greater leverage
  • Baked on powder coated chip resistant finish
  • Comfort plus grip
  • Carded

  1. G & F 10015 Garden Tools Set, Trowel, Fan Rake and Culti-Hoe, 3 Pieces

Three piece garden tool set, (trowel, fan rake and culti-hoe). These tools are made of heat treated hardened steel construction, powder coat finished with ergonomic handles. All tools have a two year manufacturer warranty.

Product features

  • Each ergonomically-designed handle fits your hand naturally, encouraging a neutral wrist position, which in turn helps reduce hand stress and fatigue.
  • Powder coat finish
  • heat treated hardened steel construction

  1. WOLF-Garten Mini Rake 2725004

The WOLF-Garten mini rake is designed to clean even the tightest corners. It is ideal for raking between plants without damage. Its flexible, flat tines allow for thorough and fast clean-up. Though not required for use, this item will also work with any WOLF-Garten Multi-Star handle for additional leverage. It comes with a WOLF-Garten mini handle. The rake is part of the WOLF-Garten Multi-Star Interlocking Tool System, which allows gardeners to quickly change tools with one click, eliminating the need for a space-consuming collection of long-handled tools.

Product features

  • Mini rake for thorough, fast clean-up
  • Features flexible, flat tines; reaches tightest corners
  • Ideal for raking between plants without causing damage
  • Comes with WOLF-Garten mini-handle
  • Can be used with WOLF-Garten Multi-Star handle for added versatility

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