Compost Worms: Useful Tips When Looking for Red Wigglers for Sale

In one of our previous articles we talked about worm composting bins and how gardeners can use them to make rich compost with their biodegradable wastes. In this article we will go over few important things you need to know about composting worms. We will primarily focus about compost worms and where you find worms for sale. You will also find some helpful tips you can use when you look for places where they keep earthworms for sale. We will also include some links to few of the best compost worm (like red wigglers for sale) products for you to consider, at the end of this article.

Vermicomposting and its benefits

If your goal is to grow your own fruits and vegetables organically, without using anything harmful and toxic, vermicomposting can be a huge step towards this direction.

Vermicomposting is the process of using earthworms to turn organic wastes like kitchen scraps, green garden refuse, etc. into high quality compost. With vermicomposting, you are not only recycling waste that you otherwise discard, but also add great value to your garden by making something your plants are going to love.

The biggest advantages of vermicomposting is probably the speed of the composting process. This method is much faster compared to other methods, and also produce a much better compost product.

Also, vermicomposting is the best option for house owners or small scale gardeners because adding small amount of fresh kitchen scraps to the compost pile is not a problem in this method. However, if you are using conventional static piles or rotating bins, adding fresh scrap everyday will disturb the composting process and your product will never really cure.

Compost worms (read carefully if you are looking for earthworms for sale)

Compost worms are not the ones’ you find living in big burrowing in your garden soil. This type is called night crawlers, and they are not considered as compost worms. They are deep diggers and do not swarm on to food or fast at reproducing.

The one you should look for or the type you find in places where they put compost worms for sale, are a type of worms called red wigglers. They are the most used type worms for vermicomposting in the world. Some gardeners call them as red worms, tiger worms or manure worms. They prefer to live near to the surface and swarm on to fresh organic matter. They also reproduce rapidly, making their population easier to maintain and manage.

Many garden centers now have red wigglers for sale. But still, the best option is to get them through a mail order probably through amazon as you will get a much better batch directly from the worm farms.

Typically you’ll need around 1000 worms if you are trying to recycle your kitchen scrap in a medium size bin. You may double this amount if you want to process your green garden waste too. Obviously, you won’t be able to count these never still, creatures. Just weight them! Generally, you’ll get around 1000 red wigglers in one pound.

Few tips in buying compost worms (red wigglers for sale tips)

  • Composting worms are living things. Their breed, how they were brought up, diseases and pests they carry, all affect to their performance in composting. Although, some local gardening centers now have worms for sale, you’ll always be better off if you can buy them online from a good brand.
  • One of the biggest problems with compost worm packs are bugs and mites. Make sure you buy a product free of them. This problem get worse when you keep them stocked for long duration.
  • Brand! It’s not that local worm breeders have an inferior product. But in a market where everybody looks for quality, maintaining a brand reputation will mean something.
  • Some sellers advertise about special breeds or specially developed hybrids. But don’t always trust what’s been advertised.

Some of the best earthworms for sale products in the market

Here is a list of some of the best compost worm products out there in the market. We’ve selected them based on overall product quality, value for money, customer feedback and seller credibility. We always do an in-depth search for each of the products we recommend. But you can always click the links to read the user reviews and to check the pricing.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 500 Count Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has been specializing in the “Redworm” for over 40 years. The redworm is a true Composting Champion. Why use chemicals to try to enhance your gardening efforts? Let the redworm supply you with the best enriched soil that nature can supply. Simply place your Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm supplied redworms into your compost pile and let them munch away! No Chemicals! 100% Natural! Bigger – Better – Tastier – Healthier Fruits and Veggies! Restricted state: Hawaii

Product features

  • Guaranteed Live Delivery
  • 500 Red Worms is a great amount of worms to start any compost project.
  • Responsive Customer Service – Also provided with 800 number to speak to live worm experts.
  • Red Worms Enhance germination, plant growth, and crop yield while improving root growth and structure

Composting worms – 600 red wigglers from Natures Good Guys’

he best worms for composting are red worms. Redworms will aggressively feed and reproduce in typical compost and garden conditions, leaving their castings as food for your plants! For compost bins: Add 600 of red worms to your bin, and feed regularly. Red worms love cardboard and paper. A layer of moistened cardboard or newspaper on top of your compost will bring the worms to the feeding areas where you add new waste. Simply pull up the cardboard or paper and drop the waste materials in. Worms do not like meat, but flies do! So keep your compost vegetarian: fruit, vegetable, and garden waste, along with non-glossy paper.

Product features

  • 600 Hundred live Red Worms / Red Wiggles
  • Release 2-3 worms per sq.ft. 600 Earthworms
  • Red Worms are Nature’s Garbage Disposal
  • These Red Worms turn Organic Waste into Nutrient Rich Soil!
  • We Guarantee Live Delivery!

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