About Us

Tools and techniques for sustainable agriculture

Our people

In the heart of R&N Agricultural services ltd, lives a diverse group of people including agricultural experts, scientists, marketers and technology surveyors who are committed to finding, examining and reviewing new and innovative technologies which are relevant in the field. They have experience on working with number of innovative agriculture related projects over the years. The team is also geared to be updated on rapidly changing agricultural technologies.

Our services

Training, technology, product reviews, and marketing are the three core services that we offer. We provide all these benefits, free of charge for all the web visitors of www.sustainableagriculturetools.com.


Training is the most crucial element of our company. We provide up to date technology information of various agricultural innovations and new products. These include, technology reports, technology trends, product reviews and general education information to help farmers and technology providers to help educate themselves with the upcoming and existing new products.

Product reviews

Our product reviews are summarized information of hundreds of consumer responses. These would typically provide an insight in to a product’s quality in terms of various aspects such as function, robustness, reliability and usefulness. We provide balanced product reviews which will capture both pros and cons of a given product.

Product marketing

We also market new and innovative products which has a proven track record that come from reliable suppliers. Visitors to www.sustainableagriculturetools.com will be directed to the product sellers through the website for the purchase. We do not sell the products.